Jesus Watches Over You
You can purchase Jesus Hologram Statues Here!
You can purchase Angel Hologram statues Here!
We also have a beautifully painted  Native American with Wolf
painted by a well known artist
all are ceramic
This is the Perfect Gift for People of All Ages!!!
Your eyes will be drawn to it from anywhere in the room.  This is a ceramic hologram.  THE EYES OF JESUS AND THE ANGELS JUST FOLLOW YOU AS YOU WALK ACROSS THE ROOM!!!
It is a great night light that can be left on all the time.  The quality becomes apparent the moment you see it in person. 
Ya' know? Flowers will only last a few days, and then you'll throw them out in the trash and soon the memories fade.  Give this statue to your Special Someone. THIS GIFT WILL LAST FOREVER!!!  And it costs less than flowers! 
The size is approx. 8.5" tall, 7.5" wide, and 4.5" deep, size varies with each model.  It will fit on just about any shelf.  Made of glazed ceramic.  The power cord has a switch to turn the light on and off in easy reach.
A Unique Gift for that Special Person or just buy one for yourself!  For Heavens Sake!  Why not get two!!!